Troilus and Cressida Overview Quiz

Troilus and Cressida Overview Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida is a tumultuous play of deep tragedy and ribald comedy. Work through the details with eNotes' Troilus and Cressida Overview Quiz.

  • Question 1

    What prediction does Calchas make?

  • Question 2

    How long have the Greeks been trying to seize Troy?

  • Question 3

    Why doesn't Troilus want to go out on the skirmishes against the Greeks?

  • Question 4

    What reason does Cressida give Pandarus for playing hard-to-get with Troilus?

  • Question 5

    How does Hector feel about Helen?

  • Question 6

    How is Troilus related to Paris?

  • Question 7

    Why do the Greeks either ignore or disdainfully acknowledge Achilles as they walk by his tent?

  • Question 8

    Why are the Greeks attacking Troy at the beginning of the play?

  • Question 9

    Who is selected to fight for Helen against Hector?

  • Question 10

    Why does Ulysses think the Greeks have failed to seize Troy?

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