"The Storyteller" by Saki Quiz

"The Storyteller" by Saki Quiz

Created by M.P. Ossa
An overview of "The Storyteller" by H. H. Munro ("Saki").
  • Question 1

    Where was the bachelor going?

  • Question 2

    According to the bachelor's story, what type of animal ate the flowers in the Prince's gardens?

  • Question 3

    The main character in the bachelor's story is a little girl named:

  • Question 4

    When the aunt spoke to the children, she always began with the word ___________ whereas the children responded with ________.

  • Question 5

    According to the time it would take to get to the next station, how long approximately was the bachelor in the carriage with the family?

  • Question 6

    In the bachelor's story, the Prince does not keep ______ in his parks as an order from the Queen.

  • Question 7

    The bachelor at the end describes the aunt of the children with which adjective?

  • Question 8

    How many children were riding with the lady?

  • Question 9

    What oxymoron said by the bachelor excited the children as they heard the story?

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