Stephen King Quiz

Stephen King Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

How much do you know about one of the most famous modern writers? Take the Stephen King quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the life and works of this well-known author.

  • Question 1

    Which television series did King say was one of his favorites, and frequently wrote articles about it in "Entertainment Weekly"?

  • Question 2

    True or False: King once had a serious drug and alcohol problem

  • Question 3

    With which rock and roll star did King compose a musical?

  • Question 4

    How did King witness a friend die, when they were both children?

  • Question 5

    Which of the following works is NOT set in fictional Castle Rock?

  • Question 6

    What is the name of the mascot for the radio station King owns?

  • Question 7

    Which baseball team is King a hardcore fan of?

  • Question 8

    Which of the following writers is NOT one of the members of King's band, "The Rock Bottom Remainders"?

  • Question 9

    Stephen King and his wife own three of these.

  • Question 10

    In which of the following did Stephen King NOT make an appearance?

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