Sociology Basics Quiz

Sociology Basics Quiz

Created by bohemianteacher4u

A test to find out what you know about basic sociology.

  • Question 1

    When a population moves from one region to another a ______________in the population occurs.

  • Question 2

    Before the United States experienced the Industrial Revolution many people lived and worked in an __________________.

  • Question 3

    The people in a primary group include________________________.

  • Question 4

    Identify a characteristic of Max Weber's ideal bureaucracy.


  • Question 5

    Max Weber was a ____________________sociologist.

  • Question 6

    People share their values and beliefs through___________________.

  • Question 7

    Sociologists study__________________________________.

  • Question 8

    A group consists of _____________ or more_____________.

  • Question 9

    People in a secondary group are _________________.

  • Question 10

    The study of sociology became more prominent during the ________________.

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