The Scarlet Pimpernel Chapter 5 Quiz

The Scarlet Pimpernel Chapter 5 Quiz

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In chapter 5, aptly named 'Marguerite,' we are introduced to Lady Blakeney, wife to Sir Percy Blakeney and a central figure in this novel.

  • Question 1

    'The voice was low and musical, with a slight sing-song in it, a faint soupcon of foreign intonation in the pronunciation of the consonants.' Whose voice was this and what does soupcon mean?

  • Question 2

    Who does the Comtesse not want to see?

  • Question 3

    The laugh which accompanied Marguerite's mimicry of the Comtesse's words was 'a trifled forced and hard.' These words are an example of

  • Question 4

    Why was Suzanne reluctant to follow after the example of her mother in leaving the presence of Lady Blakeney?

  • Question 5

    "Suzanne, I forbid you to speak to that woman," said the Comtesse, sternly, as she placed a restraining hand upon her daughter's arm.'

    The Comtesse spoke this in English, rather than French. Why did this make Lord Tony and Sir Andrew so uncomfortable?

  • Question 6

    Why did Lord Tony and Sir Andrew watch the entire scene of Lady Blakeney meeting Suzanne and the Comtesse with apprehension?

  • Question 7

    What was the effect of the 'wistful, almost pathetic and child-like look' which

    'stole into Lady Blakeney's eyes' on Suzanne?

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