Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 3 Quiz

Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 3 Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Oh boy...Things have gone from bad to worse by Act 3 Scene 3. Tybalt is dead by Romeo's hand, the Prince has imposed punishment on his errant subject, and Romeo turns to a trusted man for help. Like headphones that get all twisted and you're not even sure how, Romeo's life has become a tangled mess. This scene ratchets up the action and it is important to understand the nuances. Be sure you are catching all the twists and turns by taking our exclusive quiz. Each of our questions is ranked so that you can understand the level of difficulty. See how your score compares with others who have also taken this quiz. Give it a try!

  • Question 1

    How does the friar characterize Romeo's behavior?

  • Question 2

    What does Romeo threaten to do with the dagger?

  • Question 3

    What sentence has the Prince of Verona imposed upon Romeo

  • Question 4

    Where has Romeo gone to hide after Tybalt's death?

  • Question 5

    Friar Laurence gives Romeo three reasons that he should be glad to be alive. Which of the following is NOT among them?

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