Prince of Verona in Romeo and Juliet Quiz

Prince of Verona in Romeo and Juliet Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

If your idea of a prince was formed largely by the magic of Disney, Shakespeare would like to have a word with you. The Prince of Verona's duties seem to be more in line with keeping squabbling children from coming to blows than they are looking for that perfect princess. His subjects are unruly and prone to violence; his threats are taken seriously only for a short time. Although the character of the Prince of Verona does not play a large role in the tragedy, his lack of effective leadership is shown to be endemic. How well do you understand how this character fits within the framework of the play? Take our exclusive, interactive quiz to The Prince of Verona in Romeo and Juliet and find out! Rank your score against others and see how you compare. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? A better grade!

  • Question 1

    In the end, who does the prince say is punished?

  • Question 2

    What does the prince command the fighting parties to do?

  • Question 3

    True or False: The threat of execution permanently stops the fighting in Verona

  • Question 4

    What does the prince say will now happen to any disturber of the peace?

  • Question 5

    What punishment does the prince exact on Romeo for killing Tybalt?

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