Physics: Kinematic Word Problems Quiz

Physics: Kinematic Word Problems Quiz

Created by caledon

Practice identifying key information from text.

  • Question 1

    A runaway railroad car hits a pile of sand on the tracks. The car plows through 5 meters of sand before coming to a stop.

    Which variables CANNOT be deduced from this information?

  • Question 2

    An archaeologist is climbing up a steep canyon wall. The total height of the canyon is 100m. As the archaeologist climbs, he starts to get tired. His climbing slows by .01m/s for every second he spends climbing. This value is his;

  • Question 3

    A car has an initial velocity of 234 miles per hour and slams on its breaks, stopping in 4 seconds over a distance of 17 meters.

    In terms of physics, what is the biggest problem with this sentence?

  • Question 4

    A bowling ball is dropped from the top of a building. It takes 13 seconds for it to strike the pavement below. At the moment it strikes the pavement, the bowling ball is traveling at 127 meters per second.

    The value of 127 / 13 is equal to:

  • Question 5

    A plane flies in a straight line at a constant speed of 15m/s for 4 hours.

    Which variables CAN be deduced from this information?

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