Physics: Kinematic Variables II Quiz

Physics: Kinematic Variables II Quiz

Created by caledon

Slightly more difficult interpretation and application of the kinematic variables.

  • Question 1

    I travel north for 4 miles and east for 2 miles. What is my displacement from my origin? (Remember the Pythagorean theorem)

  • Question 2

    If I travel away from my point of origin with a velocity of 100m/s for 5 seconds, my displacement will be:

  • Question 3

    Travelling at 10m/s for 7 seconds will produce a displacement of;

  • Question 4

    Acceleration is defined as change in velocity, divided by change in time. If the starting velocity is 10m/s, and 3 seconds later it is still 10m/s, is there any net acceleration?

  • Question 5

    A car is traveling 1 kilometer per minute. What is its speed in meters per second?

    Remember that "kilo" = 1000

  • Question 6

    Acceleration can be represented as meters per second squared (m/s²) or;

  • Question 7

    If I travel away from my point of origin at a speed of 100m/s for 10 seconds, and then return at a speed of 200m/s for 5 seconds, my total displacement is:

  • Question 8

    If starting velocity is 10m/s, and final velocity is 0m/s, is there acceleration?

  • Question 9

    True or False: our units of measurement, such as seconds and meters, are based on universal constants rather than arbitrary human conventions.

  • Question 10

    A sports car goes from 0 to 60mph in 5 seconds. What is its acceleration?

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