Physics: Kinematic Variables I Quiz

Physics: Kinematic Variables I Quiz

Created by caledon

There are several variables with distinct properties that describe the motion of an object; this is the basis of Classical Mechanics, or the laws governing motion.

  • Question 1

    Acceleration is the same thing as:

  • Question 2

    The symbol we use for velocity is:

  • Question 3

    When describing motion, we make an important distinction between vectors and scalars. Scalars are measurements with one numerical component, such as speed or length, which we call the magnitude. Vectors have two components:

  • Question 4

    An action that causes a moving object to slow down would be considered:

  • Question 5

    An unknown distance, or the displacement from a point of origin, is usually represented by the letters:

  • Question 6

    Time is represented by the letter T and is almost always measured in:

  • Question 7

    Velocity can have a negative value. This would represent motion that is:

  • Question 8

    Acceleration is a way of talking about how velocity changes over time. The symbol for acceleration is:

  • Question 9

    Velocity is often confused with speed, but velocity is a vector and speed is a

  • Question 10

    The units we use for velocity are:

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