Nurse in Romeo and Juliet Quiz

Nurse in Romeo and Juliet Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

The role of Juliet's Nurse is important to understanding the complexity of Romeo and Juliet. The Nurse has many different roles within the play. She is not only mother figure to Juliet, but also the young woman's friend. And although she does not know it, the Nurse acts as a foil. From her tenderness with her charge, to her willingness to listen to Juliet's angst, to her intervention in the love affair, it can be argued that without the Nurse, this tragedy may not have occurred. The Nurse interacts with virtually every character in the play: Juliet, her parents, Tybalt, Paris, and especially Friar Laurence. Take our exclusive quiz on the role of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet to help you comprehend this important character.

  • Question 1

    True or False: The Nurse tells Lord Capulet he is wrong to scold his daughter

  • Question 2

    Why is the nurse able to remember the exact time of Juliet's birth?

  • Question 3

    Tearfully, what news does the nurse deliver to Juliet?

  • Question 4

    Why doesn't the nurse see a problem in a second marriage to Paris?

  • Question 5

    Why is the nurse looking for Romeo?

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