Myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby Quiz

Myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Pathetic, party of one? Myrtle thinks she fits in. She thinks that she is mimicking those with "old money" so well that no one will know of her less-than-stellar background. The harder she tries, the worse she comes off. Instead of being sophisticated, she sounds vulgar. Instead of being elegant, she overdoes it. Her aspirations to class may not be any more or less pathetic than others, but they are definitely more transparent. Social climbing lets a lot of people look up your skirt. Be sure you understand what Fitzgerald is trying to say about society in general and Myrtle in particular by taking our exclusive interactive quiz to Myrtle Wilson inĀ The Great Gatsby. Rank your score against others and see how you compare. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? A better grade!

  • Question 1

    Why does Tom strike Myrtle?

  • Question 2

    With whom is Myrtle having an affair?

  • Question 3

    Who kills Myrtle?

  • Question 4

    True or False: Myrtle is "stout"

  • Question 5

    Which of the following is one of the gifts Tom gives Myrtle?

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