Marcel Proust Quiz

Marcel Proust Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Marcel Proust wrote one of the longest and most complicated novels of the Modernist era. In search of information about the famous author of In Search of Lost Time? Take the Marcel Proust Quiz from eNotes to find out everything you need to know. Contains ten questions about the French novelist, critic, and essayist.

  • Question 1

    How many characters are there in Remembrance of Things Past?

  • Question 2

    What is Proust's full given name?

  • Question 3

    True or False: Proust held many menial jobs as he tried to support himself as a writer

  • Question 4

    Proust was one of the first European novelists to mention what in his novels?

  • Question 5

    Which contemporary critic called reading Remembrance of Things Past "time wasted"?

  • Question 6

    From what did Proust suffer as a child?

  • Question 7

    How many volumes are there in Proust's most famous novel Remembrance of Things Past?

  • Question 8

    What did Proust declare was a greater threat to society than the Church?

  • Question 9

    True or False: Proust served in the French army

  • Question 10

    Proust said, "The idea of popular art seemed _______________ to me."

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