The Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Quiz

The Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Quiz

Created by gmuss25

This quiz covers characters and events that take place in Chapter 1 of the novel Lord of the Flies.

  • Question 1

    Who was the leader of the choir boys?

  • Question 2

    Ralph, Jack, and ____________ travel around the island.

  • Question 3

    Which character has glasses and suffers from asthma?

  • Question 4

    Who becomes the chief of the boys?

  • Question 5

    __________ is in charge of the hunters. 

  • Question 6

    What does Ralph use to call the boys?

  • Question 7

    Why does Jack say he should be leader?

  • Question 8

    What crashed with the kids on board?

  • Question 9

    Who does Piggy live with?

  • Question 10

    What animal did the boys attempt to kill, but fail?

  • Question 11

    What is Ralph's father's occupation?

  • Question 12

    What did the boys climb on there expedition around the island?

  • Question 13

    What were the names of the twins?

  • Question 14

    How old is Ralph?

  • Question 15

    Where do the children think they landed?

  • Question 16

    What is Jack's last name?

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