Hamlet Act 5 Scene 1 Quiz

Hamlet Act 5 Scene 1 Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

"I loved her!" "I loved her more!" Hamlet and Laertes argue over Ophelia's grave, but that's not the only problem at this funeral. Be sure you understand what is going on in this important scene by taking the quiz over Act 5, Scene 1 of Hamlet from eNotes. Five questions let you know in a flash if you have a good grasp of the major points of this scene.

  • Question 1

    What do Hamlet and Laertes argue about inside Ophelia's grave?

  • Question 2

    Hamlet muses about this historical figure, and it makes think that death is the great equalizer:

  • Question 3

    Who was "poor Yorick"?

  • Question 4

    Why do the gravediggers have a problem with giving Ophelia a Christian burial?

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