The Great Gatsby Chapter 2 Quiz

The Great Gatsby Chapter 2 Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

"The Valley of Ashes" likely evokes images of death and darkness, as well it should. In Chapter 2, the reader begins to see the less-than-lovely underside of many of the characters who cheat, lie, and make other poor choices. At the heart of this chapter is Myrtle, a woman clinging to false hopes. Chapter 2 is also the reader's first introduction to Dr. Eckleberg and his unusual physical appearance. Each of our questions is ranked so that you can understand the level of difficulty and see how your score compares with others who have also taken this quiz. Give it a try!

  • Question 1

    What excuse does Myrtle give for Daisy refusing Tom a divorce?

  • Question 2

    What is in the "Valley of Ashes"?

  • Question 3

    What does Nick say he has only done twice in his life?

  • Question 4

    What is the most noticeable feature of the Dr. Eckleberg billboard?

  • Question 5

    Why does Tom have Myrtle take the train to New York?

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