Gas Laws Quiz

Gas Laws Quiz

Created by t-nez

Test your knowledge of gases

  • Question 1

    How does the volume of 1.0 moles of He compare to the volume of 1.0 moles of Ar at the same temperature and pressure?

  • Question 2

    What are the conditions of STP?

  • Question 3

    As a balloon rises into the atmosphere the atmospheric pressure decreases. What happens to the volume of the balloon? (assume no change in temperature)

  • Question 4

    According to Boyle's law, pressure and volume

  • Question 5

    If the pressure on a gas doubles, and other factors remain the same, the volume will be 

  • Question 6

    According to the Kinetic Molecular Theory, when compared to the volume a sample of an ideal gas occupies the volume of the individual molecules is

  • Question 7

    Which temperature scale(s) must be used in gas law calculations?

  • Question 8

    The atmosphere is approximately 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. If the atmospheric pressure is 1.0 atm, the partial pressure of oxygen is

  • Question 9

    A gas behaves most like an ideal gas under conditions of 

  • Question 10

    In the Ideal Gas Law PV=nRT, n represents

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