Emma in Madame Bovary Quiz

Emma in Madame Bovary Quiz

Created by M.P. Ossa

Emma's character in Madame Bovary

  • Question 1

    A synonym for the ennui that filled Emma's life could be:

    Rodolphe Boulanger

  • Question 2

    Emma met Leon Dupuis at the Lion D'Or. This establishment was located in which city?

  • Question 3

    One of these items was NOT purchased by Emma from L'Heureaux, according to the story.

  • Question 4

    Emma goes to convent in which city?

  • Question 5

    When Berthe was born, Emma's reaction was to:

  • Question 6

    Overall, Emma's life was happiest when she was:

  • Question 7

    A comment Emma would say about her daughter, Berthe, was....

  • Question 8

    What traits characterize Emma?

  • Question 9

    How did Emma want her wedding to be?

  • Question 10

    Emma's maiden last name was

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