"The Doll's House" by Katherine Mansfield Quiz

"The Doll's House" by Katherine Mansfield Quiz

Created by M.P. Ossa
Overview of Katherine Mansfield's "The Doll's House"
  • Question 1

    Some things in the doll's house did not look as if they belonged in it. This is true of the

  • Question 2

    The Doll's House's lamp says what message to Kezia

  • Question 3

    The only complaint that the girls had regarding the house is

  • Question 4

    Although not fully described by Mansfield, what seems to be Aunt Beryl's own secret?

  • Question 5

    Which character is kind to the Kelvey girls?

  • Question 6

    One of the main themes of the story is

  • Question 7

    The country where the story "The Doll's House" is set is

  • Question 8

    The ________ sisters are of lower birth than the _______ sisters.

  • Question 9

    Else's clothes are compared to

  • Question 10

    The eldest sisters of both families are

  • Question 11

    What is the last thing the Kelvey sisters say in the story

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