Crito Overview Quiz

Crito Overview Quiz

Created by disaza
A fun quiz on the Crito by Plato.
  • Question 1

    Ultimately, Socrates stays in the prison because of...

  • Question 2

    At the beginning of the dialogue, Crito tells Socrates that he is worried that...

  • Question 3

    How will most other city-states probably view Socrates if he escapes?

  • Question 4

    With whom does Socrates have an imaginary dialogue?

  • Question 5

    If Socrates's sons were to go to another city-state, what would they lose?

  • Question 6

    Socrates believes that justice is...

  • Question 7

    Crito's final words in the dialogue convey that...

  • Question 8

    Socrates feels that he should abide by the laws because...

  • Question 9

    To what city does Crito suggest Socrates flee?

  • Question 10

    To Socrates, avoidance of a large evil does not justify commiting a small evil because...

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