Crime and Punishment Overview Quiz

Crime and Punishment Overview Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Raskolnikov thinks it would be easy to commit a murder. Think you know the ins and outs of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's famous novel? Take the Crime and Punishment Overview Quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the literary examination of morality. Quiz yourself about Raskolnikov's motivations.

  • Question 1

    What does Raskolnikov plan to do at the pawnshop?

  • Question 2

    Why has Dunya agreed to marry Lunzin?

  • Question 3

    Why does Raskolnikov say he did what he did?

  • Question 4

    Why does Marmeladov's daughter become a prostitute?

  • Question 5

    What rumors surround Svidrigailov, the man who is pursuing Dunya?

  • Question 6

    What happens on Raskolnikov's second visit to Sonya?

  • Question 7

    How does Sonya react to Raskolnikov's story?

  • Question 8

    What story from the Gospels does Raskolnikov ask Sonya to read aloud?

  • Question 9

    What is the subject of Raskolnikov's article?

  • Question 10

    Why does Raskolnikov kill Lizaveta?

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