The Civil War Quiz

The Civil War Quiz

Created by shaddox5

A general overview of the American Civil War.

  • Question 1

    He was the only president of the Confederate States of America.

  • Question 2

    The Civil War began in this year.

  • Question 3

    The first state to secede from the United States.

  • Question 4

    The first major battle of the war.

  • Question 5

    The first capital of the Confederacy.

  • Question 6

    Lincoln's assassin.....

  • Question 7

    This general accepted the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia.

  • Question 8

    This document freed the slaves in the Confederacy while continuing to allow slavery in the United States.

  • Question 9

    The Confederate Constitution provided that the President would only serve one term of how many years?

  • Question 10

    The number of states represented on the Confederate Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

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