Chemistry: Quantum Structure Quiz

Chemistry: Quantum Structure Quiz

Created by caledon

Quantum Structure of the Atom

  • Question 1

    Energy does not have indiscriminate values, but appears in integer multiples of a certain amount. This small amount is the source of the term:

  • Question 2

    True or False:

    Quarks can appear alone or in groups.


  • Question 3

    Quarks have partial charges of +2/3 and

  • Question 4

    This force is responsible for radioactive decay, as well as the exchange of gluons.

  • Question 5

    Nuclear fusion in a star occurs because this property allows the atoms to overcome their electromagnetic repulsion;

  • Question 6

    Electrons are generally considered to be

  • Question 7

    Protons and neutrons are composed of smaller elementary particles called

  • Question 8

    The antiparticle of an electron is a

  • Question 9

    Which two subatomic particles are most similar to each other?

  • Question 10

    Compared to normal matter, antimatter has;

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