Chemistry: Periodic Trends Quiz

Chemistry: Periodic Trends Quiz

Created by caledon

Trends in the Periodic Table

  • Question 1

    Metals tend to form positively-charged ions, which are called;

  • Question 2

    The different natural abundances of the heavier elements can be explained by the fact that they originated;

  • Question 3

    Group 1A elements are the:

  • Question 4

    Elements in the same group (column) tend to have;

  • Question 5

    The noble gases are called "noble" because

  • Question 6

    The S-block of the periodic table contains the following element qualities:

  • Question 7

    The majority of elements in the periodic table are;

  • Question 8

    The nonmetals tend to form;

  • Question 9

    The halogens include all of the following except;

  • Question 10

    Hydrogen is typically considered;

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