Chemical Families Quiz

Chemical Families Quiz

Created by t-nez

Test your knowledge of the chemical families or groups.

  • Question 1

    Most of the elements on the periodic table are

  • Question 2

    Elements in this family all form +2 ions.

  • Question 3

    Elements in this family are mostly chemically inert.

  • Question 4

    The main group elements are made up of blocks 

  • Question 5

    The "coin metals" are 

  • Question 6

    Semi-conductors are found in this family.

  • Question 7

    Elements is this family form +1 ions and react vigorously in water.

  • Question 8

    Elements in this family form -1  ions.

  • Question 9

    This family is the most reactive of the non-metals.

  • Question 10

    Most elements in this family have more than one oxidation state.

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