Chemical Bonds Quiz

Chemical Bonds Quiz

Created by t-nez

Test your knowledge of the different types of chemical bonds

  • Question 1

    In this type of bonding atoms share electrons

  • Question 2

    Bonding that is characterized by electrons that move about freely is

  • Question 3

    Compounds with this type of bonding form crystal lattices with high melting points

  • Question 4

    Compounds with this type of bonding are called molelcular because they exist as discrete molecules.

  • Question 5

    This isn't really a chemical bond, it's the name for a type of very strong intermolecular attraction

  • Question 6

    The type of bond that forms between two nonmetals is

  • Question 7

    These compounds are held together by attraction between positive and negative charges

  • Question 8

    Compounds with this type of bonding tend to be soluble in water

  • Question 9

    Bonds in which electrons are shared unequally between atoms are called

  • Question 10

    Compounds that are gases at room temperature usually have this type of bonding

  • Question 11

    The bond between a metal and a nonmetal is

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