Characters in Tolstoy's ANNA KARENINA Quiz

Characters in Tolstoy's ANNA KARENINA Quiz

Created by e-martin

A who's who quiz on Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.

  • Question 1

    Who races horses as a serious hobby?

  • Question 2

    Which character suffers no professional loss at all as the result of his private/married life?

  • Question 3

    What married couple is experiencing domestic strife at the beginning of the novel? 

  • Question 4

    Which marriage is proposed in silence and through partially written notes?

  • Question 5

    Which character sells off his wife's property in order to pay for his own opulent lifestyle?

  • Question 6

    Which of the major characters spends time abroad mainly in order to recovery from a period of depression? 

  • Question 7

    Which character publishes a book with high expectations only to have the book go largely unnoticed by the public?

  • Question 8

    Which character nearly dies in labor?

  • Question 9

    Which character turns to religion when his or her married life is in turmoil?

  • Question 10

    Which of these characters is depicted as an avid and insightful reader of books on various topics?

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