The Black Cat Overview Quiz

The Black Cat Overview Quiz

Created by Lori Steinbach
  • Question 1

    Why does the narrator's wife accompany him to the cellar?

  • Question 2

    One night the narrator cuts his cat's

  • Question 3

    The narrator dislodges the bricks in the wall with

  • Question 4

    The narrator's first black cat's name is

  • Question 5

    Where is the narrator when he finds his second black cat?

  • Question 6

    When the wall was knocked down, the policemen saw the black cat

  • Question 7

    Which kind of animal did the narrator and his wife NOT have when they first got married?

  • Question 8

    The common superstition about black cats, which his wife believes, is that they are

  • Question 9

    The police arrive at the narrator's house how many days after the murder?

  • Question 10

    Things begin to go badly for the narrator, he says, when he becomes a victim of the Fiend

  • Question 11

    A "conflagration" is a 

  • Question 12

    The narrator says he is going to die when?

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