Because of Winn-Dixie Quiz

Because of Winn-Dixie Quiz

Created by bohemianteacher4u

Winn-Dixie is the story of a a young girl who moves to Florida.  She befriends a dog and her life changes.  This quiz should assist in studying for a test on the book or assist in learning some details from the story.

  • Question 1

    What does Winn-Dixie do when he is left alone?

  • Question 2

    Opal's father describes a pathological fear as _______________________.

  • Question 3

    Opal's greatest gift is_________________________________.

  • Question 4

    Where does Opal first see the stray dog?

  • Question 5

    Who do people in the town call a witch?

  • Question 6

    Opal's first friend in Florida is ________________________.

  • Question 7

    How old is Opal when she moves to Florida?

  • Question 8

    Opal describes Winn-Dixie as looking like _______________________.

  • Question 9

    How old was Opal when her mother left Opal and her father?

  • Question 10

    Opal and her father live in a _____________.

  • Question 11

    Otis runs the local ___________________.

  • Question 12

    The first thing Gloria does when she meets Winn-Dixie is _________________.

  • Question 13

    Opal compares her father to a _________________________.

  • Question 14

    What is Opal's father's job?

  • Question 15

    The grocery store manager scolds Opal for _____________________.

  • Question 16

    Where does Opal hang-out when she firsts moves to Florida?

  • Question 17

    Why does Opal's father call her Opal?

  • Question 18

    Winn-Dixie is terrified of _____________________.

  • Question 19

    Who is the author of the book Because of Winn-Dixie?

  • Question 20

    What is unusual about the library that Miss Franny operates?

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