Animal Farm Chapter 8 Quiz

Animal Farm Chapter 8 Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Rules? Or suggestions? By Chapter 8 of George Orwell's Animal Farm it seems that the "Commandments," so vehemently and rigidly composed, are flexible. Moreover, if everyone is equal and living in harmony, what's up with the body guards that now accompany Napoleon on his increasingly-infrequent appearances? Be sure you understand how the carefully planned community of Animal Farm is coming apart by taking our exclusive, interactive quiz below. Rank your score against others and see how you compare. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? A better grade!

  • Question 1

    What do the pigs discover and consume in the basement of the farmhouse?

  • Question 2

    The command "No animal shall kill another animal" has been amended to:

  • Question 3

    True or False: The pigeons are ordered to change their slogan to "Death to Frederick"

  • Question 4

    Who confesses to plotting with Snowball to murder Napoleon?

  • Question 5

    Who always accompanies Napoleon on his now-infrequent appearances?

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