Animal Farm Chapter 3 Quiz

Animal Farm Chapter 3 Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

Napoleon Bonaparte argued that a "leader is a dealer in hope." He does not say, however, that hope will pay off for those who wait. How apropos it is for Orwell to name one of the pig leaders Napoleon! He and his cohorts secure power for themselves and then give false hope for a better life to the animals, all the while hoarding the vast majority of the spoils of the Rebellion. Be sure you understand how the pigs manipulate those they deem to be lesser than themselves by taking our exclusive, interactive quiz to Chapter 3 of Animal Farm. Rank your score against others and see how you compare. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? A better grade!

  • Question 1

    Who proves to be the hardest worker on the farm?

  • Question 2

    What animals assume leadership but do no work themselves?

  • Question 3

    True or False: Immediately following the Rebellion, life is very difficult for the animals.

  • Question 4

    What motto do the sheep learn and bleat over and over again?

  • Question 5

    What two coveted food items do the pigs claim exclusively for themselves?

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