The Algebra II Quiz

The Algebra II Quiz

Created by pink-zebra

Algebra II

  • Question 1

    A 10-foot tree casts a 12-foot shadow. At the same time, a nearby church-steeple casts a 60-foot shadow. How tall is the church-steeple?

  • Question 2


  • Question 3

    Are the two lines reflections across the Y axis?

  • Question 4

    Evaluate the expression when m=4 and n=8

    6nm + 7m - 8n

  • Question 5

    For the function in the graph, find the values of f(−2), f(2), and f(4)

  • Question 6

    Simplify (answer in scientific notation):

  • Question 7

    Identify the domain and range of the relation.

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