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Hi everybody! I was born in Philadelphia and have lived in the area all my life. We have two children - one son (6) and one daughter (11). They are both wonderful, but really keep us on our toes and I apparently have the unlucrative job of being their taxi driver! Currently, my husband and I have started our own business doing multi media projects such as photography, video and websites. Previously I worked as a Business Analyst doing Project Management and Technical writing as a consultant through the Judge Group and have done work for a number of companies such as GE Capital, Dow Jones, Princeton Instruments, Volt Information Sciences and most recently at GMAC Commercial Mortgage. I currently teach college level writing and literature courses. I received both my B.A. in English and Communications and my M.A. in English and Creative Writing from West Chester University and am currently in the process of obtaining my PhD. While I enjoy reading, I also love to write poems and short stories in my free time. I also enjoy playing golf, watching sports and have earned my black belt in karate and assist in teaching some of the children's karate classes. I love going to movies - especially action movies.

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