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EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Currently private teacher for business and conversational English, and language test preparation. I also write test questions for TOEIC and Eiken STEP. 1994-95 Corporate and School English Instructor on contract to GEOS, Simul Academy, TOFL Seminar, Career Development Inc., YMCA, and Sony Communications. 1992-93 Head Teacher, latterly Curriculum Manager, Bi-Lingual Language Institute, Yokohama. Responsible for supervising teachers, advising them on teaching texts and methods, liaising with sales staff and head office, advising staff and customers on curriculum, curriculum planning, daily class scheduling, student file maintenance, and other school operations. 1990-92 Corporate English Instructor, Bi-Lingual Language Institute. I taught corporate classes at Nissan, NEC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ajinomoto, Kirin, Maruzen, Fuji Bank, Macnica, IDEC, Isuzu, Kanebo, Nikki, Nippi, and many other companies. EDUCATION 1997 Tactile English Workshop, International Management Institute, Tokyo, Japan 1996 TOEIC Item-Writing Workshop, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 1994 Advanced Certificate in TEFL, Tokyo, Japan 1985 School of Chartered Accountancy (Income Taxation), Vancouver, Canada 1983 Associate of Arts (Business Management), Camosun College, Victoria, Canada 1980-81 Graduate Studies (Behavioural Ecology), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada 1979 Production Management Seminar, Banff School of Management, Canada 1966-67 Graduate Studies (Theatre), University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA 1965 Secondary Teaching Certification (English, Biology), State of Florida, USA 1965 Bachelor of Arts (English), University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

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