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I have worked as a secondary science teacher for grades 7-12 for the past eight years. Starting my career in the heat of the 2008 recession and moving several times has resulted in a diverse background in education and provided me with an exposure to an array of teaching practices and cultures. I have created curricula and taught all sciences except for Physics. I have taught in schools ranging from urban to rural, remedial to honor’s academic levels, and have worked with students from all nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a result, I have worked closely with an array of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), from which I have gleaned best practices. My eclectic background has trained me to be flexible and meet the needs of each student, school, staff, and community. I strive to be creative in order to serve those needs successfully. Throughout the years of my career, I have been able to take on the role of a teacher-leader and work with key stakeholders in the community on the school board. Most recently, I joined the Kent Intermediate School District’s (ISD) science team to interpret and create curriculum for the Next Generation Science Standards. This lead to a full time position as an Education Consultant with an independent company that works with the Kent ISD called Kickstand. I now demonstrate and train administrator and teacher how to implement an iLMS called Edify in their classrooms in order to improve student performance.

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