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Born and bred in New York City, Kristen M. Fusaro is an English teacher at one of the city's top high schools. She has always had an appetite for reading and a vociferous passion for writing. She graduated from Binghamton University cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in May 2005; her major was English Literature and Rhetoric, and her minor was Russian Language and Literature. In January 2007 she received a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, focusing in English Adolescent Education, from Binghamton University. She has proceeded to continue her studies, concentrating in East Asian literature and culture, which led her to win a study fellowship to Korea in April 2010 sponsored by The Korea Society and The Academy of Korean Studies. She has been granted several Donor's Choose grants, won the Faculty Master Award for Excellence in Living Learning, and won the Smart Technology Award for her use of technology in the classroom. She has recently written an article for The Center for International Studies, and continues to write for multiple audiences and venues. Her breakthrough book, The Best of Me, is a compilation of short stories and poems.

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