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I am an Educator and Academic Expert, Curriculum /Course Developer, Instructional Designer, Cross-Cultural Health Care Specialist, Medical Writer, Public Health Professional and Researcher. I have presented at local and national conferences including the Ryan White Conference in Washington D.C. in 2011, and I have also served on several leadership committees including a publication and dissemination committee (appointed by HRSA HIV/AIDS for a national treatment manual for the disease). I completed my undergraduate and pre/med studies at the University of Toronto, and York University. Graduate studies in Public Health at Drexel and Benedictine Universities, and my Doctoral studies at A. T Still University of Health Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine, Dentistry, Health Management and Education. My professional qualifications include a Doctorate in Public Health Education, a Master of Public Health (MPH) a combined Jr. Honors (Jr.M.Sc) in Medical Anthropology and Health & Society, B.Sc.sychology/Biology), and I am a Certified Education Specialist (CHES), Certified Life and Health Insurance Insurance Specialist, and a Notary Public. I have a Diploma in Medical Technology. Therefore, I am knowledgeable in Lab procedures, Histology, Hematology, Cytology etc., Medical Terminology, and Phlebotomy (Venipuncture) as well. Currently, I work as a researcher and part-time Professor, editor, and academic expert in multiple disciplines. I am also a volunteer and mentor for (medical and public health students) for a recognized Public Health Affiliated site. I have over 10 years of combined teaching experience in the classroom and on-line in corporate, health care, and academic settings, and at undergraduate and graduate levels. My main fields of interest in research includes-not limited to: Maternal reproductive issues and child health, Youth crime and violence, School Bullying, Poverty, Well-Being, Social Determinants of Health, HIV/AIDS, and cultural competence in the delivery of health care to diverse populations. I am adept and have working knowledge of plethora of languages. I have also travelled to, and lived on different continents. I know the benefit of this international cultural understanding, sensitivity and competencies is of particular value especially in an online setting, with the increase in immigration and globalization, and the growth of diverse cultures, in our changing demographics. I have always encouraged my students and mentees to ‘push’ their creative and educational boundaries, and create reasons and ways in which to ‘think outside the box’, to work towards promoting social and societal change, and respect for diversity. My passion to work with a mission of helping others, especially students and the underserved is nothing new. My lifelong passion is to use my professional and academic education and experience to share lessons learned, mentor, motivate and empower others in the same way that my own education, and having wonderful mentors along the way have empowered and liberated me. As a facilitative educator, I always strive to guide and empower students. This helps to facilitate their understanding of the course material, are more likely to retain the information, and apply this knowledge in the real world. In order to achieve this however, I usually have to adapt my instruction to better accommodate students’ individual abilities, styles, and preferences. Therefore, while I am concerned with the course material or subject matter, it is also very important for me to concentrate on the interaction with the student's present needs and abilities. My teaching philosophy allows for present and future innovative ideas, goals, values, and ideals that I can strive to achieve. This inspires me to improve continuously, and increases the likelihood that a student will assimilate the educational information and enhance his /her role in the learning process. To that end, I try to identify major components that may create learning barriers, such as a student’s general skills, aptitude, information process, and application of information, and I usually try to address them in a manner that allows my students to feel self-sufficient, empowered, and better able to make informed decisions. I am very aware of the importance of acknowledging and embracing diversity, (racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual, political beliefs, etc.) when teaching. In an effort to ensure that my students feel comfortable and safe in the online community I am always willing to go above and beyond to provide safe spaces in which they can learn and engage in discussions that impact their unique needs, differences, and learning styles. I am confident in doing so, as I can identify my own personal unique perspectives because of my personal identity and personal and professional experiences. As an educator, I feel obligated to bring to the online classroom community multiple examples of the different perspectives that impact the field of study. This does not mean generalizing or relying on stereotypes. Rather, offering a myriad of examples from the real world. My teaching philosophy changes to reflect the experiences and influences I encounter. Finally,my personal and philosophical beliefs of education are influenced by my life experiences, academic learning, and skill development. As such, my teaching philosophy is perpetually evolving, and I also, always look forward to learning from my students, as I believe learning is and should always be a facilitative and collaborative process.

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