Calendar of Literary Facts

The Calendar of Literary Facts contains more than 6,500 events in literary history.

Literary Facts - 1982

Bienvenido N. Santos publishes The Praying Man

Tom Stoppard publishes The Real Thing

LaVyrle Spencer publishes The Endearment

Peter Blue Cloud publishes Elderberry Flute Song

Terry Brooks publishes The Elfstones of Shannara

Paul Theroux publishes The Mosquito Coast

Jimmy Breslin publishes Forsaking All Others

Desmond Tutu publishes Crying in the Wilderness: The Struggle for Justice in South Africa

Louis Aragon dies

Louise Bennett publishes Selected Poems

Richard Rodriguez publishes Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez

Gloria Naylor publishes The Women of Brewster Place

The Pulitzer Prize in poetry is awarded to the late Sylvia Plath for Collected Poems

Sue Grafton publishes “A” Is For Alibi

Robert Fulghum publishes A Soldier’s Play

Richard Condon publishes Prizzi’s Honor

Gabriel García Márquez publishes Cronica de una muerte anunciada (Chronicle of a Death Foretold)

Lewis Grizzard publishes They Tore out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat

Gabriel García Márquez receives the Nobel Prize for Literature

Charles Fuller receives the Pulitzer Prize in drama for A Soldier’s Play

Richard Hugo dies

Thomas Keneally publishes Schindler’s Ark

David Edgar produces The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Marsha Norman publishes Night, Mother

Virginia Hamilton publishes Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush

Maurice Kenny publishes Blackrobe: Isaac Jogues, b. March 11, 1607, d. October 18, 1646: Poems

David Edgar receives an Antoinette Perry (Tony) Award for The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

David Eddings publishes Pawn of Prophecy

A. R. Gurney Jr. publishes The Dining Room

Charles Johnson publishes Oxherding Tale

Nella Larsen’s The Far Side is published

Archibald MacLeish dies

Alice Walker publishes The Color Purple

Lawrence Durrell publishes Constance, or, Solitary Practices

Angela Davis publishes Women, Race and Class

Ngaio Marsh dies

John A. Williams publishes !Click Song

Britain and Argentina wage the Falklands War after Argentinian forces seized the Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

Israeli troops move into Lebanon and lay seige to Beirut

Galway Kinnell publishes Selected Poems

Thomas Keneally receives the Booker Prize for Schindler’s Ark

Augusto Roa Bastos is expelled from his native Paraguay by the government of dictator Alfredo Stroessner, who labels Roa Bastos a “subversive”

Ramón Sender dies. (Explore: Ramón Sender) (January 15)

Marya Zaturenska dies. (Explore: Marya Zaturenska) (January 19)

Philip K. Dick dies. (Explore: The Man in the High Castle, Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Philip K. Dick) (March 2)

Ayn Rand dies. (Explore: Anthem, The Virtue of Selfishness, Ayn Rand) (March 6)

Peter Weiss dies. (Explore: Marat/Sade, Peter Weiss) (May 10)

Djuna Barnes dies

Kenneth Rexroth dies. (Explore: Kenneth Rexroth, The Signature of All Things, When We with Sappho) (June 6)

John Cheever dies. (Explore: The Swimmer, The Country Husband, John Cheever) (June 18)

Okot p’Bitek dies. (Explore: Okot p'Bitek, the themes found in each poem in song of lawino  ) (July 19)

Frederic Dannay dies (September 3)

John Gardner Jr. dies. (Explore: Grendel, Redemption, John Gardner) (September 14)

Howard Sackler dies. (Explore: The Great White Hope, Howard Sackler) (October 14)