The Calendar of Literary Facts contains more than 6,500 events in literary history.

1930 Literary Facts

Writing under the pseudonym “Carolyn Keene,” Midred Augustine publishes the first Nancy Drew mysteries, including The Secret of the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase

Wyndham Lewis publishes The Apes of God

Jacques Maritain publishes Introduction generale a la philosophie (Introduction to Philosophy)

John Crowe Ransom publishes God without Thunder: An Unorthodox Defense of Orthodoxy

John Dos Passos publishes The 42nd Parallel, the first volume in his “U.S.A.” trilogy

Conrad Aiken receives Pulitzer Prize in poetry for Selected Poems

Frederick Schiller Faust’s Destry Rides Again is published

St.-John Perse publishes Anabasis

Dorothy Parker publishes Laments for the Living

Lynn Riggs’s Green Grow the Lilacs is produced

Sinclair Lewis receives the Nobel Prize for Literature

Noel Coward’s Private Lives is produced

Miguel Angel Asturias publishes Leyendas de Guatemala

José Ortega y Gasset publishes La rebelion de las masas (The Revolt of the Masses)

Pearl S. Buck publishes East Wind: West Wind

Jean Cocteau’s La Voix humaine (The Human Voice) is published

Richard Hughes publishes The Innocent Voyage

Ivy Compton-Burnett publishes Brothers and Sisters

Hart Crane publishes The Bridge

Dame Edith Sitwell publishes The Collected Poems of Edith Sitwell

Allen Tate publishes Ode to the Confederate Dead

“Twelve Southerners,” whose number includes John Crowe Ransom, Donald Davidson, Allen Tate, and Robert Penn Warren, publish I’ll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition

Yellow Fever vaccine is developed by Max Theiler

The gas turbine is invented

The name of Constantinople (ancient Byzantium) is changed to Istanbul

The Smoot-Hawley Act, effecting a very high tariff on imported goods, is signed into law in the U.S.

The planet Pluto is discovered by Clyde Tombaugh

Oliver La Farge receives the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for Laughing Boy

Marc Connelly receives the Pulitzer Prize in drama for The Green Pastures

Salvatore Quasimodo publishes Acque e terre

Margaret Ayer Barnes publishes Years of Grace

Vladimir Mayakovsky produces his drama Banya (The Bathhouse)

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D. H. Lawrence dies

Explore: D. H. Lawrence, The Blind Man

Stephen Sondheim is born

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Gregory Corso is born

Explore: Gregory Corso, Marriage, Bomb

Vladimir Mayakovsky dies

Explore: Vladimir Mayakovsky, The Bedbug

Bernard Slade Newbound is born

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Gary Snyder is born

Explore: Anasazi, Gary Snyder

Stanley L. Elkin is born

Explore: A Bad Man, Stanley Elkin, A Poetics for Bullies

Edward Brathwaite is born

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Joseph F. Girzone is born

Marion Zimmer Bradley is born

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Jacques Derrida is born

Explore: Jacques Derrida, Of Grammatology, Writing and Difference

J. E. Casely-Hayford dies

Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins dies

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Francine du Plessix Gray is born

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Colin Dexter is born

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Harold Pinter is born

Explore: The Homecoming, Harold Pinter

James (“Jimmy”) Breslin is born

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John Arden is born

Explore: Serjeant Musgrave's Dance, John Arden

Timothy Findley is born

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A. R. Gurney Jr. is born

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J. G. Ballard is born

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Chinua Achebe is born

Explore: Things Fall Apart, Civil Peace, Chinua Achebe

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn is born