Calendar of Literary Facts

The Calendar of Literary Facts contains more than 6,500 events in literary history.

Literary Facts - 1921

Luigi Pirandello’s drama Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore Six Characters in Search of an Author is produced

H.D. publishes Hymen

Paulo Freire is born

Walter de la Mare publishes The Veil and Other Poems

Pablo Neruda publishes La cancion de la fiesta

Robert W. Service publishes Complete Poetical Works

Zona Gale receives the Pulitzer Prize in drama for Miss Lulu Bett

Edith Wharton receives the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for The Age of Innocence

Fernando Pessoa publishes English Poems

Edwin Arlington Robinson publishes Collected Poems

Conrad Aiken publishes Punch: The Immortal Liar, Documents in His History

Louis Hemon’s Maria Chapdeline: Recit du Canada français is published

Austin Clarke publishes The Fires of Baal

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is founded

V. I. Lenin introduces the collectivist New Economic Policy (NEP) in Russia

The German economy begins to experience high inflation as the Deutshe-mark falls in value

Anatole France receives the Nobel Prize for Literature

Booth Tarkington publishes Alice Adams

Patricia Highsmith is born. (Explore: Edith's Diary, Patricia Highsmith, Strangers on a Train) (January 1)

Friedrich Duerrenmatt is born (January 5)

Raymond Souster is born. (Explore: Raymond Souster) (January 15)

Jacques Ferron is born. (Explore: Jacques Ferron) (January 20)

Richard Wilbur is born. (Explore: Beowulf, A Baroque Wall-Fountain in the Villa Sciarra, Richard Wilbur) (March 1)

Hisaye Yamamoto is born. (Explore: The Eskimo Connection, Hisaye Yamamoto, Seventeen Syllables) (April 27)

Satyajit Ray is born. (Explore: Satyajit Ray) (May 2)

Mona Van Duyn is born. (Explore: Memoir, The Stream, Mona Van Duyn) (May 9)

Farley Mowat is born. (Explore: Never Cry Wolf, Farley Mowat, A Whale for the Killing) (May 12)

Georges Feydeau dies. (Explore: Georges Feydeau, A Flea in Her Ear) (June 5)

James A. Houston is born. (Explore: Who was James Archibald Houston, and how did he help promote Inuit art? ) (June 12)

Brian Moore is born. (Explore: The Luck of Ginger Coffey, Lies of Silence, Black Robe, Brian Moore, What are the main themes in The Luck of Ginger Coffey by Brian Moore?) (August 25)

Cyprian Ekwensi is born. (Explore: People of the City, Cyprian Ekwensi, The Great Beyond) (September 26)

Tadeusz Rozewicz is born. (Explore: Tadeusz Różewicz) (October 9)

Alex Haley is born. (Explore: The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, Alex Haley) (October 12)

George Mackay Brown is born. (Explore: George Mackay Brown) (October 17)