Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - September 9

1087: William the Conqueror dies. (Explore: William the Conquerer)

1739: A slave revolt in Stono, South Carolina, led by a slave named Cato, leads to the death of over 25 whites; afterward, over 30 black participants are executed

1868: Mary (Hunter) Austin is born

1898: Stephané Mallarmé dies. (Explore: Stéphane Mallarmé, The Poetry of Mallarmé, Les Poésies de Stéphane Mallarmé)

1900: James Hilton is born. (Explore: Lost Horizon, Good-bye, Mr. Chips, James Hilton)

1903: Phyllis A. Whitney is born. (Explore: Phyllis A. Whitney, Rainbow in the Mist)

1922: Philip Larkin is born. (Explore: Philip Larkin, Dockery and Son, The Poetry of Larkin)

1934: Sonia Sanchez is born. (Explore: An Anthem, Sonia Sanchez)