Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - November 9

1721: Mark Akenside is born

1818: Ivan Turgenev is born. (Explore: Fathers and Sons, Ivan Turgenev, The Torrents of Spring)

1918: Guillaume Apollinaire dies. (Explore: Always, Guillaume Apollinaire)

1923: James Schuyler is born. (Explore: James Schuyler, The Morning of the Poem, Sorting, Wrapping, Packing, Stuffing)

1928: Anne Sexton is born. (Explore: Courage, Anne Sexton)

1934: Carl Sagan is born. (Explore: Carl Sagan, A Path Where No Man Thought, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors)

1934: Ronald Harwood is born. (Explore: Ronald Harwood)

1938: Kristallnacht (“night of broken glass”) begins a compaign of government-approved anti-Jewish violence in Germany, Austria, and Sudetenland

1953: Dylan Thomas dies. (Explore: Dylan Thomas, The Hand That Signed the Paper, Poem in October)