Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - May 8

1880: Gustave Flaubert dies. (Explore: Madame Bovary, A Simple Heart, Gustave Flaubert)

1895: Edmund Wilson is born. (Explore: Memoirs of Hecate County, Edmund Wilson, Axel's Castle)

1925: The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters is organized by A. Philip Randolph. (Explore: Why did A. Philip Randolph organize the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car...)

1930: Gary Snyder is born. (Explore: Anasazi, The Poetry of Gary Snyder, Gary Snyder)

1937: Thomas Pynchon is born. (Explore: Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon, Entropy)

1940: Peter Benchley is born. (Explore: Jaws, White Shark, Peter Benchley, Can you provide a short summary of White Shark, including its conflict and...)

1943: Pat(ricia) Barker is born. (Explore: Union Street, Pat Barker, The Ghost Road)

1952: Elizabeth Becker (Beth Henley) is born. (Explore: Crimes of the Heart, The Miss Firecracker Contest, Beth Henley)

1985: Theodore Sturgeon dies. (Explore: Godbody, More Than Human, Theodore Sturgeon)

1988: Robert A. Heinlein dies. (Explore: Waldo, Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert A. Heinlein)