Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - January 8

1896: Paul Verlaine dies. (Explore: Paul Verlaine, Autumn Song, My God Said to Me)

1910: Cyrus Colter is born. (Explore: A Chocolate Soldier, Cyrus Colter, The Beach Umbrella)

1917: Peter Taylor is born. (Explore: A Summons To Memphis, Peter Taylor, The Old Forest)

1923: Sembene Ousmane is born. (Explore: God's Bits of Wood, Xala, Ousmane Sembène)

1927: Charles Tomlinson is born. (Explore: Charles Tomlinson, Jubilation, The Return)

1934: Alexandra Ripley is born

1939: Charles Alexander Eastman dies. (Explore: Charles Alexander Eastman)

1944: Terry Brooks is born. (Explore: Magic Kingdom for Sale, The Elf Queen of Shannara)

1972: Kenneth Patchen dies. (Explore: Kenneth Patchen)