Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - June 7

1843: Friedrich Holderlin dies. (Explore: Friedrich Hölderlin, The Poet's Courage, Bread and Wine)

1917: Gwendolyn Brooks is born. (Explore: The Poetry of Brooks, Gwendolyn Brooks,  How does Gwendolyn Brooks incorporate social issues in her writing?The...)

1933: Max Eastman publishes “Bull in the Afternoon,” a retrospective article attacking Ernest Hemingway’s craft which enraged Hemingway and eventually led to a scuffle between critic and author

1943: Nikki Giovanni is born. (Explore: A Revolutionary Tale, Nikki Giovanni, What did Nikki Giovanni do in her life?)

1954: Louise Erdrich is born. (Explore: The Red Convertible, Louise Erdrich, What are some themes from Louis Erdrich's story "The Shawl?")

1979: Forrest Carter dies. (Explore: The Education of Little Tree, Forrest Carter)