Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - June 5

1898: Federico García Lorca is born. (Explore: Gacela of the Dark Death, Federico García Lorca, How successful is Lorca in depicting the issues faced by women of this time?)

1910: William Sydney Porter (“O. Henry”) dies. (Explore: Mammon and the Archer, O. Henry, Who was O. Henry?)

1921: Georges Feydeau dies. (Explore: Georges Feydeau, A Flea in Her Ear)

1922: Henry Kreisel is born. (Explore: The Broken Globe)

1939: Margaret Drabble is born. (Explore: The Radiant Way, Margaret Drabble, The Red Queen)

1941: Spalding Gray is born. (Explore: Spalding Gray, Monster in a Box, Impossible Vacation)

1949: Ken Follett is born. (Explore: On Wings of Eagles, Ken Follett, The Pillars of the Earth)