Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - February 5

1881: Thomas Carlyle dies. (Explore: Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, Sartor Resartus)

1914: William S. Burroughs is born. (Explore: Naked Lunch, Nova Express, William S. Burroughs)

1928: Andrew M. Greeley is born. (Explore: Fall from Grace, Summer at the Lake, Andrew M(oran) Greeley)

1938: John Guare is born. (Explore: The House of Blue Leaves, Six Degrees of Separation, John Guare)

1942: Susan Hill is born. (Explore: Susan Hill, The Albatross, In Strange Meeting, what techniques does Susan Hill use to describe of the...)

1959: Carson McCullers host a lunch party to introduce Isak Dinesen to Marilyn Monroe. (Explore: Isak Dinesen, Carson McCullers)

1995: Patricia Highsmith dies. (Explore: The Talented Mr. Ripley, A Girl like Phyl, Patricia Highsmith)

2005: Ossie Davis dies. (Explore: Purlie Victorious, Ossie Davis, Escape to Freedom)