Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - December 5

1784: Phillis Wheatley dies. (Explore: Liberty and Peace, Phillis Wheatley, Thoughts on the Work of Providence)

1830: Christina Rossetti is born. (Explore: Goblin Market, Christina Rossetti, The Poetry of Rossetti (Christina))

1870: Alexandre Dumas père dies. (Explore: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Alexandre Dumas)

1925: Wladyslaw Reymont dies. (Explore: Władysław Reymont)

1925: John A. Williams is born. (Explore: Captain Blackman, John A. Williams, Clifford's Blues)

1931: Vachel Lindsay dies. (Explore: Vachel Lindsay, The Poetry of Lindsay, Letters of Vachel Lindsay)

1934: Joan Didion is born. (Explore: Salvador, A Book of Common Prayer, Joan Didion)

1936: Lewis Nkosi is born

1962: Edward Lewis Wallant dies. (Explore: The Pawnbroker, The Tenants of Moonbloom, Edward Lewis Wallant)