Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - July 31

1689: Samuel Richardson is born. (Explore: Clarissa, Sir Charles Grandison, Samuel Richardson)

1941: German Luftwaffe Commander in Chief Hermann Goering directs Reinhard Heydrich, head of Reich Security, to enact the “Final Solution:” the extermination of all European Jews by the Nazis. (Explore: What was the Final Solution?, How did the "Final Solution" evolve?How did the "Final Solution" evolve?, What were the effects of the Final Solution?)

1944: Antoine de Saint-Exupery dies. (Explore: Wind, Sand and Stars, The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

1944: Richard Rodriguez is born. (Explore: Richard Rodriguez, Hunger of Memory, Days of Obligation)

1965: J. K. Rowling is born

1986: Stanley Ellin dies. (Explore: Stanley Ellin)

2001: Poul (William) Anderson dies