Calendar of Literary Facts

Literary Facts - December 31

1878: Horacio Quiroga is born. (Explore: The Dead Man, Horacio Quiroga)

1905: Frank Marshall Davis is born

1936: Clarence Major is born. (Explore: My Amputations, Painted Turtle, Reflex and Bone Structure, Clarence Major)

1936: Miguel de Unamuno dies. (Explore: Saint Emmanuel the Good, Martyr, The Madness of Doctor Montarco, Miguel de Unamuno)

1970: Lorine Niedecker dies. (Explore: Lorine Niedecker, I married, The Granite Pail)

1980: Marshall McLuhan dies. (Explore: Marshall McLuhan, The Gutenberg Galaxy, Understanding Media, Letters of Marshall McLuhan, How is Marshall McLuhan's idea of "medium is the message" related to...)